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From the 4 Fs of Scarcity to Abundance

Updated: Feb 3, 2022


Take a time and space today to breathe, being present in your life, and meditate on the "4 Fs" of the primitive brain's reactions to stress and pain that we all build during our childhood and life story. Some people are more drawn to:

F for Fighting (get offensive when a problem occurs)

F for Fleeing (try to escape physically or emotionnally by getting busy or addictions when problems occur)

F for Freezing (shut down their emotions and do into isolation in order to survive)

... and one F that is not very often mentionned, is the F for Fawning, which means always pleasing others in order to make sure to receive their love which leads to forget and disregard our own needs and then we feel frustrated and even don't know why!


Take a moment for yourself, to reconcile with any of these "4 Fs" you may have lived in for a long time, and to give this love to yourself so that your cup of love gets so full that it spreads over in abundance for others and for the world.

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