• Claudio Da Silva

Meditation At Guadalupe National Park

Updated: May 15

Day 24 From Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

Question of the day: "What is one of my regrets and what is the action, however small, that I can do today to overcome this regret?"

Thank you to those who connected to the online group practice this Saturday, even from Switzerland! You can join the practice at any time. Meet tomorrow morning for the "Daily Wake-up Meditation" from 6.30 am to 7.00 am EST for the French session and 7.00 am to 7.30 am EST for the English session. To register : https://www.reconcilewithlife.com/book-a-session To obtain a monthly Meditation Membership: https://www.reconcilewithlife.com/plans-pricing

A huge thank you to DIENELLA again for being our SPECIAL GUEST this Saturday. You can find her work and her Mayan astrological consultations on https://wizartmaya.wixsite.com/wizartmaya/evenements and check the international site: www.lawoftime.org

We are on Day 24 of our 60-day Reconciliation Meditation challenge, a journey into the practice of the 7 REs of the Reconciliation process with ourselves, with others and with Life.

I wish you an inspiring week on the path to your soul destiny.

See you soon on the carpet ... flying to Saguaro National Park AZ next!

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