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Practice Online With Us Across The USA

Updated: May 15, 2021

Question of Day 13 From Dallas TX

"What can you do today to give more respect and love to your body?"


We are back on the RV road across the U.S.A.!

Today is Day 13 of our online "60 Day Wake-up Reconciliation Meditation Challenge", a 2 month journey into the 7 RE of Reconciliation (Realize, Reflect, React, Regret, Request, Resolve, Repeat).

Thanks for those who assiduously participated this morning to our Thursday practice for waking up the Body.

To join the online Daily Wake-up Meditation practice any day in French (6:30-7:00AM EST) and in English (7:00-7:30AM EST):

Our SPECIAL GUEST for this Saturday weekly online 55 minute Reconciliation Meditation practice will be JESSE DICKENS, who will lead us in a western contemplative meditation practice during the last portion of our English session. Join the Saturdays Reconciliation Meditation sessions in Portuguese (6:00-6:55AM EST), in French (7:00-7:55AM EST), or in English (8:00-8:55AM EST):

To join the Reconciliation Meditation group on Facebook:

To get a monthly Meditation Membership plan:

Have an inspiring day, fulfilled by your soul's intention on your way. See you tomorrow on the carpet, so we can BE REAL AND LIVE FULLY.

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