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We Relate Therefore We Are

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Have you ever wondered why there is suffering in the world? Have you wondered why, although all natural resources the Earth is offering us could easily support the basic needs of every human being on the planet, a child dies of hunger every 6 seconds in the world? How to solve social inequalities, material disparities, wars on ethnicity, on religion, politics and economics? How do we cope with gender conflict, modern diseases, high mortality rates in developing countries, fear of death (which is fear of life)? Is this all normal, intrinsic to human existence and inalienable to life on earth? I do not believe it, and many do not believe it, and soon no one will believe it anymore. Is hell on earth; is paradise on earth? Or an in-between?

There is indeed a way out of all of this, a way out of suffering, illness and even death as we consider it. The solution? We carry it within us like life which circulates in our veins. It is part of us as the tiniest atoms are part of us. It makes us vibrate, makes us enthusiastic, it gives us the breath of life and the beats for its journey. Everything flows in us in an interminable, unlimited, unshakable and invincible way. Eternal life is a pleonasm. Life is always eternal. Life doesn't end because suffering, sickness and death are only veils that we cross but never reach the soul that we are. A solution which heals everything and embraces the atrocious duality of the world which puts an end to all bloody conflicts and all human madness is the reconciliation with life and with each other. In reconciliation, there is a will, a desire and an intention to reassemble together parts that became separated.

Without will, there is no reconciliation. Are you willing to reconcile?

Today is a new day, a day when all of humanity will come together, be reconciled and love each other in one universal community of men, women and children, under the banner of love and altruism. What makes us exist is not the "I" or the "thinking", but the relationship. The old civilization based on the false maxim "I think therefore I am" came to an end. The real existence, infinite and eternal, lies on the everlasting truth of "we relate therefore we are".

We Relate Therefore We Are

We all carry the seed of well-being, sharing, ineffable joy with one another, journeying in the discovery of this world together, hand in hand, walking at the same pace and towards the same sun. This seed can sprout, and can grow into a magnificent tree of reconciled humanity. Let us ask for the Grace of Life, reconcile with ourselves, in our lives and in all our relationships. Love Life and Its Creator and love one another, with all our soul, mind, heart and body. This is the one and only way possible for World Peace. Alone we can go half way, together we can go all the way.

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